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This entry was originally written by Wendy Bebout Elliott Ph.D., FUGA for Red Book: American State, County, and Town Sources.

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Statewide recording of births and deaths began in October 1908, although compliance was incomplete for several years in most counties and for as much as two decades or longer in others. Registration was mandated in 1917, but it was another decade before 90 percent compliance was attained. Although county clerks record births and deaths and provide information on request, certificates are available only from the Vital Records Section, State Department of Health, 1000 N.E. Tenth St., P.O. Box 53551, Oklahoma City, OK 73152 www.health.state.ok.us/program/vital/brec.html. Purpose and relationship statements are required. Early birth certificates contain much less information than those recorded currently.

Since statehood, marriage and divorce records are maintained by the clerk of the court in the county in which the license was issued or divorce granted. Some marriage records are also available at the county level for Oklahoma Territory before statehood. Some of these have been published, such as Frances Murphy Bode, Oklahoma Territory Weddings (Geary, Okla.: Blaine County People and Places, Pioneer Book Committee, 1983), based on newspaper notices and county records for Blaine, Caddo, and Kingfisher counties. Numerous publications for marriage records are included in Laura Martin, Oklahoma Marriages: A Bibliography (Oklahoma City: Library Resources Division, 1996).

Tribal records at the Oklahoma Historical Society (see Oklahoma Archives, Libraries, and Societies) contain some earlier birth records in relationship to land allotments (see Oklahoma Land Records) as well as death records. Children of mixed marriages may be included in the births.

Some Native American and county vital records have been published by individuals and organizations. Several examples follow:

Ashton, Sharron Standifer. Indians and Intruders. 5 vols. Norman, Okla.: Ashton Books, 1996–2002. These publications include birth, marriage, and death records as well as numerous other abstracted records.

Bogle, Dixie. Cherokee Nation Births and Deaths, 1884–1901. Utica, Ky.: Cook and McDowell Publishers, 1980. Available at the Family History Library (FHL) in Salt Lake City as well as numerous other libraries.

Oklahoma Genealogical Society. Index to Marriage Records, Oklahoma County, O. T., 1889 to 1907. Oklahoma City: Oklahoma Genealogical Society, 1993.

Talkington, N. Dale. Birth and Death Notices in Oklahoma and Indian Territories from 1871. Houston, Tex.: the author, 1999. Abstracts of nearly 2000 records.

Tiffee, Ellen, and Gloryann Hankins Young. Oklahoma Marriage Records, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory. 10 vols. Norman, Okla.: University of Oklahoma Press, 1969–78. Individually indexed, the data was abstracted from U.S. court records, second division for the period 1890 to 1907. Area covered includes today’s counties of McCurtain, Latimer, Hughes (part), LeFlore, Bryan (part), Pittsburg, Choctaw, Atoka, Haskell, Pushmataha, and Coal (part). This set is available at the FHL as well as numerous other libraries.

Some marriage records for the Five Civilized Tribes and some other tribes are also at the Oklahoma Historical Society. Others are at the National Archives-Southwest Region (see page 12). Nonnative settlers whose marriages were recorded in U.S. Federal District Court records for Indian Territory are included. Marriage records (June 1890–1907) in Indian Territory may be located in the office of the court clerk in either Muskogee or Pittsburg counties. After 1895, marriage records may be found in county court clerk offices in Carter or Craig. Still others may be found in Atoka, Bryan, Latimore, and LeFlore counties. Creek County marriages may have been recorded in the cities of Bristow, Drumright, Sapulpa, or Muskogee, the latter now in Muskogee County. There is no centralized index for these marriages.

Some indexes to marriage records are available online, such as those in the Chickasaw Nation at www.chickasawhistory.com/m_index.htm; and more than 2000 marriage notices taken from newspapers (1898–1906) for Old Greer County, Oklahoma Territory (today’s Greer, Harmon, and Jackson counties) at okgenweb.org/~okgreer/olgrmarr.html.

Map County County Address Date Formed Parent County(ies) Recording District Birth Marriage Death Land Probate Court
K3AdairP.O. Box 169 Stilwell 74960-01691907Cherokee NationRecording Dist. #6190819071908190719071907
F2Alfalfa300 S. Grand Cherokee 737281907Woods190818941908189518921982
J5Atoka201 E. Court Atoka 745251907Choctaw Nation190818921908190718971913
C1BeaverP.O. Box 237 Beaver 73932-02371890original190818901908189118901880
D4BeckhamP.O. Box 67 Sayre 73662-00671907Roger Mills/Greer190819071908190019071895
F3BlaineP.O. Box 138 Watonga 73772-01381892original190818921908189318921887
H6Bryan402 W. Evergreen Durant 747011907Choctaw NationRecording Dist. # 25190819021908190319021902
F4CaddoP.O. Box 68 Anadarko 73005-00681901original190819011908190218911901
F3CanadianP.O. Box 458 El Reno 73036-04581889original190818901908189018901890
G5Carter1st and B St. SW/P.O. Box 1236 Ardmore 73402-12361907Chickasaw Nation193018951930190719081895
K3Cherokee213 W. Delaware Tahlequah 744641907Cherokee NationRecording Dist. #6190819071908190619071907
J6Choctaw300 E. Duke Hugo 747431907Choctaw Nation190819071908190719071907
A1CimarronP.O. Box 145 Boise City 73933-01451907Beaver190819081908190419081908
G4Cleveland201 S. Jones Norman 730691889unassigned lands190818671893189018891891
H5Coal4 N. Main St. Coalgate 745381907Tobucksy County of Cherokee Nation190819071908190419071907
F5Comanche315 SW 5th St. Lawton 735011901Kiowa/Comanche/Apache lands Witcha-Caddo lands190619011906189319011901
F5Cotton201 N. Broadway St. Walters 735721912Comanche191719121918191219121912
K1Craig301 W. Canadian Vinita 743011907Cherokee NationRecording Dist. #3190819021908190718951907
H3Creek371 E. Lee Sapulpa 740671907Creek NationRecording Dists. #8 and #9190819071908189819071917
E3CusterP.O. Box 300 Arapaho 73620-03001892Cheyenne/Arapaho lands190818941908189918951896
Day1892 (abolished 1907; now Ellis County area)Cheyenne/Arapaho lands
K2DelawareP.O. Box 309 Jay 74346-03091907Cherokee Nation190819111908190518671868
E3DeweyP.O. Box 268 Taloga 73667-02681892Cheyenne/Arapaho190818931908189218941894
D3Ellis100 S. Washington/P.O. Box 197 Arnett 73832-01971907Day/Woodward190818921908188918931900
F2Garfield114 W. Broadway Enid 737011893Cherokee Outlet190818931908189318941907
G5GarvinP.O. Box 926 Pauls Valley 73075-09261907Chickasaw NationRecording Dist. #17190819071908190619071893
F4Grady4th and Choctaw Ave. P.O. Box 1009 Chickasha 73018-10091907Caddo/Comanche/Chickasaw Nation190819071908190319071907
F2GrantP.O. Box 167 Medford 73759-01671893Cherokee Outlet190818931908189318931893
D4GreerP.O. Box 2077 Mangum 73554-2077(organized by Texas, 1886;became part of Oklahoma,1896)191219011912188619011886
D5Harmon114 W. Hollis Hollis 735501909Greer190919091909190919091909
D1HarperP.O. Box 369 Buffalo 73834-03691907Woodward190819071908190019071903
K4Haskell202 E. Main St. Stigler 744621907Choctaw NationRecording Dists. #12 and #14190819071908190519071909
H4Hughes200 N. Broadway Holdenville 748481907Creek Nation190819071908190719071907
D5JacksonP.O. Box 515 Altus 73521-05151907Greer190819071908189819071907
F6Jefferson220 N. Main St. Waurika 735731907Comanche County/Chickasaw Nation190819071908190719071907
H5Johnston403 W. Main Tishomingo 734601907Chickasaw NationRecording Dist. #22190819071908190719071907
G1KayP.O. Box 450 Newkirk 74647-04501895Cherokee Outlet190818931908189318931893
F3Kingfisher100 S. Main/P.O. Box 118 Kingfisher 737501890original190819001908189019001896
E4KiowaP.O. Box 73 Hobart 73651-00731901Kiowa/Comanche/Apache/Caddo/Wichita 190819011908190119011901
K4Latimer109 N. Central St. Wilburton 745781902Choctaw Nation190819071908189019061923
K4Le FloreP.O. Box 218 Poteau 74953-02181907Choctaw NationRecording Dist. #14190818971908190819081908
H3LincolnP.O. Box 126 Chandler 74834-01261891Iowa/PottawatomieShawnee/Sac-Fox lands190818911900189118931891
G3Logan301 E. Harrison Guthrie 730441889original190818901908189418901890
G6Love405 W. Main St. Marietta 734481907Chickasaw Nation190819071908190319071907
By Arkansas Legislature. Abolished 1828.
F2MajorE. Broadway/P.O. Box 379 Fairview 73737-03791907Woods190819071908189418941894
H6MarshallRm. 101 Madill 734461907Chickasaw NationRecording Dist. #22190819071908190719051907
K2MayesP.O. Box 97 Pryor 74361-00971907Cherokee Nation190819021908190319071907
G4McClainP.O. Box 629 Purcell 73080-06291907Chickasaw NationRecording Dist. #18190818951883190318951895
K6McCurtainP.O. Box 1078 Idabel 74745-10781907Choctaw NationRecording Dist. #24190819071908190719171907
J4McIntoshP.O. Box 110 Eufaula 74432-1101907Creek Nation190519071905190719071907
G5MurrayP.O. Box 442 Sulphur 73086-04421907Chickasaw Nation190819071908190619071907
K3MuskogeeP.O. Box 1008 Muskogee 74401-10081907Creek Nation190819071908191319071907
G2Noble300 Courthouse Dr./P.O. Box 409 Perry 73077-04091893Cherokee Outlet190818931908189318931893
J1Nowata229 N. Maple St. Nowata 740481907Cherokee NationRecording Dist. #3190819071908190919081907
H3OkfuskeeP.O. Box 108 Okemah 74859-01081907Creek Nation190919071909190719071907
G3Oklahoma320 N.W. Robert S. Kerr Oklahoma City 731021890original190818891908188918901890
J3OkmulgeeP.O. Box 904 Okmulgee 74447-09041907Creek Nation190819071908190719071907
H2OsageP.O. Box 87 Pawhuska 74056-00871907Osage Nation190819071908190619071897
K1Ottawa102 E. Central Miami 743541907Cherokee NationRecording Dists. #1 and #2190819071908189519071907
H2Pawnee500 Harrison Pawnee 740581892Cherokee Outlet/Pawnee Nation190818971908189418971897
G3Payne6th and Husband St./P.O. Box 7 Stillwater 74074-0071890Cherokee Outlet/unassigned lands187618941876188418891895
J4Pittsburg115 E. Carl Albert Pkwy. McAlester 745011907Choctaw Nation190818901908190718931901
H5Pontotoc13th and Broadway P.O. Box 1425 Ada 74820-14251907Chickasaw Nation190819071908190619061907
H4Pottawatomie325 N. Broadway Shawnee 748011891Pottawatomie-Shawnee Nations190818921908189518921892
K5Pushmataha302 SW B St. Antlers 745231907Choctaw NationRecording Dist. #24191719071917190719041905
D3Roger MillsP.O. Box 708 Cheyenne 73628-07081892Cheyenne-Arapaho Nations190818931908189219071894
J2Rogers219 S. Missouri/P.O. Box 1210 Claremore 74018-12101907Cherokee Nation191519071915190719091907
H4SeminoleP.O. Box 1180 Wewoka 74884-11801907Seminole NationRecording Dist. #13190819071908pre-190719091915
K3Sequoyah120 E. Chickasaw St. Sallisaw 749551907Cherokee NationRecording Dist. #11190819071908190719071907
F5Stephens101 S. 11th St. Duncan 735331907Comanche County/Chickasaw Nation190819071908190719171907
B1TexasP.O. Box 197 Guymon 73942-01971907Beaver190819071908188219071907
E5TillmanP.O. Box 992 Frederick 73542-09921907Kiowa Terr./Comanche counties191719071917190219071908
J3Tulsa500 S. Denver Ave. Tulsa 741031907Creek/Cherokee Nations190819071908190719071907
J3Wagoner307 E. Cherokee/P.O. Box 156 Wagoner 74467-01561908Cherokee Nation190819071908190619071907
J1Washington420 S. Johnstone Ave. Bartlesville 740031907Cherokee Nation190819071908190019071907
E4WashitaP.O. Box 380 Cordell 73632-03801892Cheyenne-Arapaho Nations190818921908190719031892
E2WoodsP.O. Box 386 Alva 73717-03861893Cherokee Outlet190818931908189318931893
E2Woodward1600 Main St. Woodward 738011893Cherokee Outlet190818931908189318941893

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