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Death Certificate - Jean Courrege (Document)
This document was obtained directly by my Aunt Bertha Courrege during her family research. Transcription: This is to certify that Jean Courrege, husband of M., Rodrigue, died or was buried July 12, 1928, from St. Peter's Churc...
Jean Courrege (Né(e) le 1855)
Miskelly, Jean Will p1 (Document) Date: 31 July 1802 Location: York District, South Carolina
Miskelly, Jean of York District, Will Typescript (Case 60, File 2763) South Carolina Archives & History [www.archivesind...
Jean /Jane (m.n.u.) Miskelly
1725 Fabre-Larose Jean-Baptiste - individu - naissance (Document)
Jean Baptiste Favre Larose (Né(e) le 1725)
Jean Adoe and sister (Portrait)
Jean Adoe and younger sister Ida Domngue. about 1902
Jean Adoe Domingue (Né(e) le 1899)
John Surette of Morris Island, born John Frontain of Salmon River (Portrait)
Jean Fidèle Frontain dit Surette (Né(e) le 1871)
Jean Louis Bissonnette (Portrait) Date: 1957
Jean Louis Bissonnette (Né(e) le 1917)
1803 Holy Trinity (SiteBuildingPlace) Date: October 2012 Location: Holy Trinity Cathedral, Quebec, Quebec, Canada
Jean Bernard Ritter (Né(e) le 1756)
Jean Bennett 1954 001 (Portrait) Date: 1954 Location: Kingston upon Hull
Two years before she married Leslie Robertson
Jean Bennett (Né(e) le 1928)
Holy Trinity Anglican Cathedral Quebec- Interior (where Jean Francois Marchand and Genevive Married) (SiteBuildingPlace) Date: 2004 Location: 31 Rue des Jardins, Québec-City, QC G1R 4L6, Canada
It is the first Anglican Cathedral to have been built outside of the British Isles. The completed building was consecrat...
Jean François Marchand (Marchant) (Né(e) le 1780)
McKenney, Jean Dec 2010 (Portrait)
Jean Marie McKenney (Né(e) le 1939)
Frans, Jean (2) (Portrait) Date: High School
Jean Annette Frans (Né(e) le 1925)
Baptism Jean Baptiste Gourgon dit St-Maurice (Bourgon)-1826-St-Eustache (Portrait) Location: St-Eustache, Deux-Montagnes, QuÉbec
Jean Baptiste Gourgon dit St-Maurice (Bourgon) (Né(e) le 1826)
Leighton and White/Davies location (SiteBuildingPlace) Date: 12 Jul 2014 Location: Merridale Cemetery, Jeffcock Road, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England
Towards the south part of the cemetery, note the line of vaults in the background. Leighton in the foreground, White/Dav...
Jean White (Né(e) le 1924)
Jerry & Jean Becker - 9 Sept 1950 (Portrait) Date: 9 Sept 1950
Jean Horel Becker (Né(e) le 1929)
MLesageGerlais (Portrait)
Jean dit St-Amand DeGerlais (Né(e) le 1644)
Close-up of headstone (Portrait) Date: June 2014 Location: St Michael's Church, Linlithgow, Scotland
Inscription: Erected by William Clark in memory of four of his children who died in infancy. Also, Jean Nimmo, his wife,...
Jean Nimmo (Né(e) le 1774)
Clemens, Jean (Other) Date: 7/25/2010 10:02:56 Am
Jean Lampton Clemens (Né(e) le 1880)
FRED___L (Other) Date: 1/13/2012 12:48:01 Pm
Jean Lorraine DeCormier (Né(e) le 1923)
Jean McNutt & Ethel Hoppenstein (Portrait) Date: 1941 Location: Lynchburg College, Lynchburg, Virginia
Good friends.
Jean Davis McNutt Milam (Né(e) le 1922)
comeau coa (Other) Date: 8/9/2015 3:32:05 Pm
Jean De Comeau (Né(e) le 1560)