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David Lewin, comp. Allemagne : registre des citoyens juifs, Prusse occidentale, 1812 [base de données en ligne]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2008.
Données originales : General-Verzeichniss saemtlicher in dem Departement der koenigl. Regierung von Westpreussen vorhandenen Juden welchen das Staatsbuerger-Recht ertheilt worden. Marienwerder: Royal Westprussian Court Press, 1812. This data is provided in partnership with

 Allemagne : registre des citoyens juifs, Prusse occidentale, 1812

Cette base de données est un extrait de 2 382 documents du « Registre général de tous les juifs résidants dans la province gouvernementale royale de la Prusse occidentale ayant reçu la citoyenneté Prusse ». Cette base de données inclut les informations suivantes : le nom du citoyen juif, le lieu de résidence et le numéro de la page du registre dans laquelle la personne apparaît.

This database is an extract of 2,382 records "General Register of all Jews residing in the Royal Governmental Province of West Prussia to whom Citizenship was granted."

In the foreword to the register there are "instructions to be observed in regard to the process of Citizens as opposed to the foreign Jews". Among others: "A further instruction is to be observed by the police authorities in relation to the Jews arriving from foreign lands as set out in the edict of 11 March 1812 regarding the citizen’s rights in relation to the Jews in the Prussian states".

The edict covered all Jews in West Prussia who were able to earn their keep. It differentiated - and excluded - those Jews who entered the province illegally, and lived off official and unofficial charity. In future they were to be deported summarily.

Information contained in this database includes:

  • Surname - Newly opted family name taken by the new Jewish citizen

  • Given Name - Original

  • Given Name - New - Newly opted personal name taken by the new Jewish citizen

  • Town Name - German - Place name of current abode

  • Town Name - Polish

  • Subsidiary List - Sequential number on a local subsidiary list (It appears that local lists - no longer available - were used to compile this Global Register)

  • Page Number - This entry appears on this page number of the original 1812 West Prussia document