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Rabbi Joseph Schachter, comp. Pologne : résidents d’Auschwitz (Oshpitzin), 1919 à 1941 [base de données en ligne]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2008.
Données originales : Ch. Wolnerman, A. Burstin, M.S. Geshuri, ed. Sefer Oshpitsin. Oswiecim; Auschwitz memorial book. Jerusalem: Oshpitsin Society, 1977. This data is provided in partnership with

 Pologne : résidents d’Auschwitz (Oshpitzin), 1919 à 1941

Il s’agit d’une base de données des juifs de la vile de Oshpitzin (Polonais : Oswiecim [Oshvyentzim], Allemand : Auschwitz). Les informations ont été compilées à partir de Sefer Oshpitzin, le livre de souvenir de Oswiecim, et à partir d’autres ressources. La base de données essaye d’inclure toutes les personnes qui sont nées à Oshpitzin et ses environs ou qui y ont résidé pendant une période de temps entre 1919 et 1941. Il existe plus de 5 511 entrées.
This is a database of Jews from the town of Oshpitzin (Polish: Oświęcim [Oshvyentzim], German: Auschwitz). The information has been compiled from Sefer Oshpitsin, the Oswiecim memorial book, and from other sources. The database attempts to include all individuals who were either born in Oshpitzin and surrounding townlets, or lived there for a period between 1919 and 1941. There are 5,511 entries.

The database contains the following fields:

  • Family name + first name(s)

  • Maiden surname

  • Date of birth or Age

  • Status:

    • HY'D = Holocaust victim ("Hashem Yikom Damam" = "May G-d avenge their blood")

    • N'Y = Living at time of submission of memorial ("Nero Ya'ir" = "May their light shine")

    • Z'L = Died before or after the war ("Zichrono Livracha" = "of blessed memory")

    • P'V = Presumed victim

    • UND = Undetermined - possible duplicate

    • MZV = Matzeva - tombstone at the Oshpitzin cemetery

    • RHS = appears in Registry of Jewish Holocaust Survivors (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, 1996)

  • Father

  • Mother + mother's maiden surname

  • Spouse + spouse's maiden surname

  • Sources:

    • HoN = Hall of Names - Yad Vashem Page of Testimony (when doubled, indicates two sources with additional or differing details)

    • Y568 = Mentioned in Sefer Oshpitsin Yizkor Book, on page 568.

    • SKL = Listed in Serge Klarsfeld's Deportations List - Le memorial de la deportation des Juifs de France.

    • JS = Added by Joseph Schachter from personal knowledge

    • SWD = Swedish Yizkor book by survivors - Gloem Oss Inte (Stockholm: Hillelforlaget, 1999)

    • TRZ = Theresienstadt Lists - Terezinska Pametni Kniha, (Praha, 1995).

    • OGS = Oorlogsgravenstichting - Dutch deportations lists

  • Photograph - A photograph exists at Yad Vashem's Photo Archives.

    • A120, denotes 120th in Szrodula Ghetto list for the initial letter A.

    • (Photos were taken in 1942-3 and signed by the victims)
  • Remarks - Added information about individual or about family members. Not all were killed, nor were all from Oshpitzin.

  • Reported by - There are often more sources, but only one is given here.

  • Birthplace

  • Residence pre 1939

  • Lived - Where survivor or former Oshpitziner lived before or after the War.

  • War Years - Only one of several possibilities. Most lived in Oshpitzin until expulsion to Szrodula or Chrzanow in 1941. By the end of 1943 the ghettoes were "liquidated".

  • Death date

  • Death details - KZ = Kazet = Concentration camp - forced labor