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Historical Data Systems, comp. Profils et dossiers des soldats de la Guerre de Sécession des États-Unis, 1861 à 1865 [base de données en ligne]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2009.
Données originales : Data compiled by Historical Data Systems of Kingston, MA from the following list of works.

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 Profils et dossiers des soldats de la Guerre de Sécession des États-Unis, 1861 à 1865

Cette base de données est une compilation des dossiers militaires des soldats qui ont servi pendant la Guerre de Sécession des États-Unis. Vous y trouverez notamment des listes de service des États, des documents relatifs aux pensions et des détails sur les régiments.

It is not hard to find histories of the monumental figures of the American Civil War. Documents and histories abound for Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee. Records of individual soldiers, however, are not so easy to find. The American Civil War Research Database is a historic effort to compile and link all available records of common soldiers in the American Civil War. Historic Data Systems has compiled and interlinked a wide array of records including state rosters, pension records, regimental histories, photos, and journals. The genealogical value of this record is immeasurable. More than authoritative names and dates, this database connects researchers with the history their ancestors lived.

The database is a work in progress. Considering the scope of its ambition, the amount of data already available is impressive. The project to date has digitized, indexed, and interlinked the records of 4,257,188 soldiers, 3,728 regimental chronicles, 1,010 officer profiles, 3,343 battle synopses, and 18,883 soldier photographs. As the database continues to grow, so will the impact of this unique genealogical resource. Copyright 1997-2009 - Historical Data Systems, Inc. P.O. Box 35 Duxbury, MA 02331. (800) 244-3446

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