Information sur la source Listes des membres d’équipage, Liverpool, Angleterre, 1861 à 1919 [base de données en ligne]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2014. This collection was indexed by Ancestry World Archives Project contributors.
Données originales :

Crew lists. 387 CRE. Liverpool Record Office, Liverpool, England.

Crew lists (fishing boats). 387 FIS. Liverpool Record Office, Liverpool, England.

 Listes des membres d’équipage, Liverpool, Angleterre, 1861 à 1919

Cette collection de listes de membres d’équipage archivées au Liverpool Record Office contient des documents pour 912 navires qui avaient pour port d’attache Liverpool. Les listes peuvent fournir des informations sur les voyages de ces navires, leur équipage et les apprentis. Un bon nombre de documents sont regroupés en livrets ou en journaux de bord.

This collection of crew lists held by the Liverpool Record Office includes records for 912 ships whose home port was registered as Liverpool, England. The lists contain information on ship voyages, crew members, and apprentices. Many of the records are grouped together as agreement booklets or ships’ logs.

Crew lists vary in detail but can include the name or signature of the crew member, age or birth year, birthplace, nationality, residence, service on other ships, rate, date and details of engagement and discharge, reports of character and ability, and other assorted notes.

Once you locate your ancestor on a particular ship, do a search for just the name of the ship to find logs and other ship information. Ship information pages consist primarily of the crew list cover pages and contain information regarding a ship and its voyage(s). The name of the ship, port of registry, and date are almost always present, but these documents do not contain lists of names.