Information sur la source Cartes et distribution des décimes, Dorset, Angleterre, 1835 à 1850 [base de données en ligne]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2012.
Données originales : Dorset Tithe Apportion and Maps 1835–1850. Dorchester, England: Dorset History Centre.

 Cartes et distribution des décimes, Dorset, Angleterre, 1835 à 1850

Cette base de données contient les cartes de distribution des décimes répertoriant tous les propriétaires et les occupants des terres du comté de Dorset en Angleterre.

This database contains tithe apportion maps listing land owners and occupiers in Dorset, England.

Historical Background

The local parish and church were supported through a tax called a tithe, which amounted to one-tenth of the local produce. These tithes were typically paid in kind until the Tithe Commutation Commission was established in 1836 to set up the process of paying tithes in money. Determining the amount owed by each landowner required accurate maps. These maps and the apportionment list that names the landowner or occupier make up the records in this database.

What You Can Find in the Records

These records typically provide the names of land owners and occupiers, as well as a brief description of the land. They’re particularly valuable because they can show you exactly where an ancestor lived.

Note: When viewing the image, the index panel displays approximately 250 records, whereas some maps represent several hundred of records.