Information sur la source Ontario, Smith's Canadian Gazetteer [base de données en ligne]. Provo, UT: Operations, Inc., 2004.
Données originales : Smith, Wm. H. Smith's Canadian gazetteer. comprising statistical and general information respecting all parts of the Upper Province, or Canada West : distance tables, government and district officers and magistrates in each district, list of post offices with their distances from some of the principal towns, stage and steamboat fares, principal hotels and taverns, rates of toll on the Welland Canal and some of the principal harbours, lists of exports, quantity of crown lands for sale in each township, names and addresses of land agents and forwarders, the leading features of each locality as regards soil, climate, &c., with the average value of land : with a mass of other desirable and useful information for the man of business, traveller, or emigrant : the whole collected from the best authorities, verified by personal observations and inquiries during nearly three years devoted to the subject, in which time the author visited every district, town, and village in search of information : with a map of the Upper Province, compiled expressly for the work, in which are laid down all the towns and principal villages. Toronto: Coles, 1970.

 Ontario, Smith's Canadian Gazetteer

A gazetteer to "all parts of the upper province, or Canada West".