Information sur la source Index des mariages, Massachusetts, États-Unis, 1901 à 1955 et 1966 à 1970 [base de données en ligne]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2013.
Données originales : Department of Public Health, Registry of Vital Records and Statistics. Massachusetts Vital Records Index to Marriages [1916–1970]. Volumes 76–166, 192– 207. Facsimile edition. Boston, MA: New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, Massachusetts.

 Index des mariages, Massachusetts, États-Unis, 1901 à 1955 et 1966 à 1970

Cet index contient les actes de mariage du Massachusetts. Vous y trouverez des informations comme les noms, la ville, l’année de mariage, et un volume et numéro de page du document original.

This database contains an index to Massachusetts marriage records for the years 1901-1955 and 1966-1970. Entries will typically include names, town, year of marriage, and a volume and page number for the original.

The index for this database was generated using text recognition software.

Massachusetts Records

Family historians with roots in the Bay State will be thrilled to know that Massachusetts ranks high when it comes to keeping vital records, with some dating back to early Colonial days. Records were kept on the town level, but in 1841 towns began sending copies of birth, marriage, and death records to the Secretary of the Commonwealth. Although not all towns complied immediately, most did, and copies of these records through 1920 are at the Massachusetts Archives in Boston. Records from 1921 to the present can be found at the Massachusetts Department of Health and Human Services, Registry of Vital Records.