Information sur la source Naissances, mariages et décès de la Galicia, 1789 à 1905 [base de données en ligne]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2012.
Données originales : JRI Galicia. New York, New York: JewishGen. Original data: Specific source information is provided with each record. This JRI-Poland data is provided in partnership with

 Naissances, mariages et décès de la Galicia, 1789 à 1905

Cette base de données contient un index des actes de naissance, mariage et décès juifs pour la province de la Galicia dans l’Empire d’Autrice (maintenant L’viv, Ukraine).

This database contains an index extracted from Jewish birth, marriage, and death records from the historical province of Galicia in the Austrian empire (now L'viv, Ukraine).

Historical Background

Galicia, in eastern Central Europe, has traded hands between Poland, Ukraine, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and other states over the course of the area’s history. After World War II, the historic lands of Galicia were divided between Poland and Ukraine. The records in this database come from what is now L’viv in western Ukraine.

What You Can Find in the Records

The details in this index were extracted from Jewish metrical books, which recorded birth, marriage, and death information. This database does not include images, but entries in the index may list the following details, depending on record type:

  • name
  • birth year
  • marriage year
  • place of marriage
  • death year
  • place of death