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Flint, James, comp. Index d’homologations du comté de Middlesex, Massachusetts, de 1648 à 1870 [base de données en ligne]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2000.
Données originales : Index to the Probate Records of the County of Middlesex, Massachusetts. Cambridge, MA, USA: 1912.

 Index d’homologations du comté de Middlesex, Massachusetts, de 1648 à 1870

Middlesex County is located west of Boston, MA. It includes such historic towns as Cambridge, Concord, Lexington, and Lincoln (site of Paul Revere's capture). This database gives a listing of various types of Probate records as wills, administration of wills, guardianships, adoptions, etc. These records are from 1648-1870. Information includes names, residence, nature of document, date, and case number. There are over 52,000 events recorded. Some famous literary families are included in this list including Emerson, Thoreau and Hawthorne. Capt. John Parker, leader of the Lexington Minutemen, is included as well.

Last names may vary from family to family, ie. Holmes, Homes, etc. in the book. In these cases, one name is given in the database, ie. Holmes. Bold letters indicate group or type of document if no names given. The following are abbreviations used in this set of records: Aff. - ?(Possibly Affidavit) Ala. - Alabama Can. - Canada Conn. - Connecticut Est. - Estate Ga. - Georgia Ill. - Illinois Inst. - Instrument Ire. - Ireland Jr. - junior Ky. - Kentucky Mich. - Michigan N.F. - New Foundland N.H. - New Hampshire N.J. - New Jersey N.Y.- New York N.S. - Nova Scotia P.Q. - Province of Quebec? Pa. - Pennsylvania S.C. - South Carolina Sr. - senior Tenn. - Tennessee Tr. - Trust Vt. - Vermont W.I. - West Indies Wis. - Wisconsin Writ. - Written