Information sur la source and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Fragment du recensement fédéral des États-Unis en 1890 [base de données en ligne]. Lehi, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2009. Images reproduced by FamilySearch.
Données originales :

Eleventh Census of the United States, 1890; Microfilm Publication M407, 3 rolls; NAID: 2353580; Records of the Bureau of the Census, Record Group 29; National Archives at Washington, DC.

Logbook of Frank Lowell, Special Agent, Alaska District No. 2, 1890 Census; NAID: 202288465; Records of the Bureau of the Census, 1790 - 2007, Record Group 29; National Archives at Washington, DC.

 Fragment du recensement fédéral des États-Unis en 1890

Ces dossiers ont été extraits du reste des bulletins de recensement de la population du recensement fédéral des États-unis en 1890, qui ont été détruits lors d’un incendie survenu au Commerce Department à Washington, DC le 10 janvier 1921.

These records have been extracted from the remaining population schedules for the 1890 Federal Census, which was destroyed by a fire at the Commerce Department in Washington, DC on 10 January 1921. The surviving fragments consists of 1,233 pages or pieces, including enumerations for Alabama, the District of Columbia, Georgia, Illinois, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, South Dakota, and Texas. The records of only 6,160 of the 62,979,766 people enumerated survived the fire.

The original 1890 census enumerated people differently than ever before that time. Each family was enumerated on a separate sheet of paper. 1890 was the only year this was done.

The only surviving fragments are as follows:

Alabama - Perry County
Alaska - Logbook of Frank Lowell
District of Columbia - Q, S, 13th, 14th, RQ, Corcoran, 15th, SE, and Roggs streets, and Johnson Avenue
Georgia - Muscogee County (Columbus)
Illinois - McDonough County: Mound Township
Minnesota - Wright County: Rockford
New Jersey - Hudson County: Jersey City
New York - Westchester County: Eastchester; Suffok County: Brookhaven Township
North Carolina - Gaston County: South Point Township, Ricer Bend Township; Cleveland County: Township No. 2
Ohio - Hamilton County (Cincinnati); Clinton County: Wayne Township
South Dakota - Union County: Jefferson Township
Texas - Ellis County: S.P. no. 6, Mountain Peak, Ovila Precinct; Hood County: Precinct no. 5; Rusk County: Precinct no. 6 and J.P. no. 7; Trinity County: Trinity Town and Precinct no. 2; Kaufman County: Kaufman.

Fields in this database include: given name, surname, relationship, race, gender, age, birthplace, father's birthplace, and mother's birthplace. If you cannot find your family in this database, it may be useful to look at's 1890 Census Substitute.

[This information comes from Loretto Dennis Szucs and Sandra Hargreaves Luebking, eds. "Research in Census Records." The Source: A Guidebook of American Genealogy, rev. ed. Ancestry, Inc.: Salt Lake City, 1997.]

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