Information sur la source Guide routier et répertoire géographique de Bailliere, Australie-Méridionale, Australie, 1866 [base de données en ligne]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2015.
Données originales :

Bailliere's South Australia Gazetteer and Road Guide, 1866. CD-ROM. Ridgehaven, South Australia: Gould Genealogy and History, 2007.

 Guide routier et répertoire géographique de Bailliere, Australie-Méridionale, Australie, 1866

Ce répertoire géographique du XIXe siècle contient une mine d’informations sur l’État de l’Australie-Méridionale.

This 19th century gazetteer contains a wealth of information on South Australia. It provides details on townships, villages, hamlets, lakes, rivers, creeks, mountains, and other localities and features. It describes the division of the colony into counties, and electoral, council, pastoral, and municipal districts and hundreds with their boundaries and statistics. It provides the names, areas, occupiers, positions, rentals, new valuations and grazing capabilities of the squatting stations with the best means of reaching them. It also provides particulars of the coast survey, statistics of the ports, manufactures, and agricultural, pastoral, and mining pursuits, census of dwellings and population , areas in acreage and miles and comprehensive and correct electoral, municipal, district council and police information. A complete road itinerary is included, showing the easiest, most expeditious, and cheapest method of transit and conveyance of goods to and from every place in the colony by rail, coach, boat, dray or horse. A scanned image of the large foldout map in the original is also included.

The information in this description comes from the Gould Genealogy and History catalogue.