Information sur la source Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Directory, 1778 [base de données en ligne]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2003.
Données originales : Whitehead, William, comp. The First Newcastle Directory, 1778. Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England: Mawson, Swan, and Morgan, 1889.

 Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Directory, 1778

This database contains the first directory of the town and county of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, which was printed in 1778. The directory provides a list of the officers of Newcastle, a list of the rates of carriage from London to Newcastle and from Newcastle to other towns, as well as an alphabetical list of the names, trades, and locations of warehouses, offices, and shops of the people in trade. This directory is important not only because of the information it provides on specific individuals, but also because of the historical information that can be gleaned from it, such as which occupations were most common in this area at the time.