Information sur la source Registres de la milice, Yorkshire de l’Ouest, Angleterre, 1779 à 1826 [base de données en ligne]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2014. This collection was indexed by Ancestry World Archives Project contributors.
Données originales : Accounts of payments to the militia [1779-1826]. 5/96a/41. Halifax. 33D80/4/2. Bingley and Howarth Township Records. WDP20/8/7/29-34. Sandal Magna St Helen. WDP20/8/7/35. Sandal Magna St Helen. WDP20/8/7/37. Sandal Magna St Helen. 1-38, 41-65. Todmorden. KC271/54-55. Thurstonland. West Yorkshire Archive Service, Bradford; Bradford, England.

 Registres de la milice, Yorkshire de l’Ouest, Angleterre, 1779 à 1826

Cette collection contient des registres de la milice de cinq municipalité du Yorkshire de l’Ouest. La majorité contient des listes des hommes qui pouvaient être admis dans la milice locale, mais vous pouvez également y trouver les paiements qui ont été versés à la milice ainsi que des listes d’officiers.

The Militia Act of 1757 called for the creation of militia regiments from each county for local defense. Men between the ages of 18 and 45 were listed for service, but if a man was called into service, a substitute could be paid to serve in his stead.

This collection includes a variety of militia-related records, including township payments to the militia, lists of officers, and lists of eligible men. Details you may find will vary but can include a militiaman’s name, a date and location, occupation, age range, number of children, any infirmities, and signature.

In some records you’ll see exemptions for “effective volunteers” (those already serving in another capacity as a volunteer), poor men with children, clergy, teachers, apprentices, constables, peace officers, those who hired substitutes, and those who were infirm, among others.

Records come from the following municipalities:

  • Bingley and Howarth
  • Thurstonland
  • Todmorden
  • Halifax
  • Sandal Magna