Information sur la source British Naval Biographical Dictionary, 1849 [base de données en ligne]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2004.
Données originales : O'Byrne, William R.. A Naval Biographical Dictionary: Comprising the Life and Services of Every Living Officer in Her Majesty's Navy, from the Rank of Admiral of the Fleet to that of Lieutenant, Inclusive. London, England: John Murray, 1849.

 British Naval Biographical Dictionary, 1849

This database contains a biographical dictionary of every living officer (as of 1849, the date of publishing) in the British Navy. The biographical sketches here presented were compiled from authentic and family documents. The type and amount of information provided about each individual can vary, but generally the individual's rank and other information about the individual's naval career is listed. Of course this work will be of most value to researchers whose ancestors served in the Royal Navy in 1849. However, even if your ancestor is not found in this biographical record, much can be learned by reading about the lives of others who lived during the time of your ancestors, especially those who were employed in the same or similar occupations.