Information sur la source Leeds, England, Beckett Street Cemetery, 1845-1987 [base de données en ligne]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2015.
Données originales : Beckett Street Cemetery Records. Digitized registers. West Yorkshire Archive Service, Leeds, England.

 Leeds, England, Beckett Street Cemetery, 1845-1987

This collection contains burial registers for the years 1845-1987 and inscription grave registers for the years 1907-1938 from the Beckett Street Cemetery in West Yorkshire, England. Both types of registers contain information that includes name, age at death, and grave number but, depending on the register, may also contain other information, including address of the deceased, description of the deceased (i.e., wife, son, etc.), death date, or burial date.

Also known as Burmantofts Cemetery, or Leeds Burial Ground, the Beckett Street Cemetery was founded in 1842 and opened in 1845. One of the oldest, if not the oldest, municipal cemeteries in England, it sits on 16 acres, and the remains of an estimated 180,000 people are buried within it.

The cemetery and its burial registers are split into two sections: Anglican (consecrated) and Non-conformist (unconsecrated). The burial registers and inscription grave registers, and many more records relating to Beckett Street Cemetery, are located in the Leeds office of the West Yorkshire Archive Service.

The information found in this collection can be used as a stepping stone to other death-related records, which may contain even more personal details. Obituaries, death certificates, and probates can fill in more details about the deceased and often reference other family members.