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Woodsley House (SiteBuildingPlace) Date: 1860 Location: Leeds, Yorkshire
Queen Victoria's visit to Woodsley House in 1860, when she used the house's own coachmen to ferry her about
Robert Coates (Né(e) le 1811)
Woodsley House (SiteBuildingPlace) Location: Woodsley House, Leeds, Yorkshire
Woodsley House, where Robert Coates was employed as coachman and lived in the Coachman's House within the estate.
Robert Coates (Né(e) le 1811)
Edward David Colbert (Headstone) Cemetary: Holy Trinity Anglican Cemetery Location: Lascelles, Quebec
Robert White Colbert (Né(e) le 1870)
Robert Clark (Other)
Robert Palmer Clark (Né(e) le 1902)
Greenock 'New' Cemetery (Portrait) Date: 2014 Location: Greenock Cemetery
Section 3E, Lair 61 - COLLISON :Robert Jnr., Janet (Brown), Robert Snr., Elizabeth (McCallum)
Robert Collison (Né(e) le 1886)
Comloquoy (Headstone) Cemetary: Charles Barber Cemetery Location: Pottsville, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania, USA
Robert Nelson Comloquoy (Né(e) le 1889)
Keith, Joy, Bob, and Joe Considine (Portrait) Date: 1939 Location: Powder River County, Montana USA
Probably taken Jan 6, 1939 looking east from in front of the house at the Considine Ranch on Butte Creek.
Robert Wesley Considine (Né(e) le 1917)
Robert and Leonora Colman (Other) Date: 1939-45 Location: Stanmore
Taken on leave during WW2
Robert T C Colman (Né(e) le 1912)
CONSTABLE (Portrait)
Robert Constable (Né(e) le 1422)
Combe arms (Other)
Robert Combe (Né(e) le 1515)
Bob, Peg & family (Portrait) Date: Abt 1964 Location: Carol Coakley-Fiola's house Gardena, CA
Robert C Coakley (Né(e) le 1925)
Robert V (Portrait) Date: 1960 Location: South Carolina?
Robert V Connors (Né(e) le 1918)
Robbie, Robert Carol and Sherry Clark (Portrait)
Robert Dale Clark (Né(e) le 1937)
Coker English COA (Portrait) Location: From Archives copyright © 2000 - 2009
Origin Displayed: English - Spelling variations of this family name include: Coker, Coaker, Cokers and others. First fou...
Robert Coker (Né(e) le 1606)
Coke Other (Portrait) Location: Www.Ancestry.Com
Origin Displayed: English - Spelling variations of this family name include: Coke, Cokes, Coik, Coike, Coak, Coake, Coek...
Robert Coke (Né(e) le 1419)
Clifford Castle (Other)
Robert De Clifford (Né(e) le 1274)
11a74d28-dcd2-4244-a1fc-26c11e58af8c (Portrait)
Robert Cobb (Né(e) le 1626)
354f4136-5e6c-40b6-a061-1666729ffa70 (Portrait)
Robert Coleman (Né(e) le 1619)
scan0005 (Portrait)
Robert Leonard Clements (Né(e) le 1928)
wedding (Portrait)
Robert Leonard Clements (Né(e) le 1928)

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