Information sur la source Divers registres paroissiaux, Warwickshire, Angleterre [base de données en ligne]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2011.
Données originales : Miscellaneous Warwickshire Parish Records. Warwick, England: Warwickshire County Record Office.

 Divers registres paroissiaux, Warwickshire, Angleterre

Cette base de données contient une collection de divers registres des paroisses du comté britannique du Warwickshire datant du 18ème au 20ème siècle.

This database contains a collection of miscellaneous records from parishes in Warwickshire, England, for the 18th–20th centuries. As the local governing unit, the parish was involved in many aspects of its inhabitants’ lives, and records in this database include

  • account books
  • vestry books
  • marriage licences
  • letters
  • rate books
  • orders of removal
  • churchwarden’s books
  • rents
  • constable records
  • papist estates
  • parish addresses
  • deeds
  • logs
  • minutes
  • orders

Records can be browsed by parish and record type. Parish baptismal, marriage, and burial registers for Warwickshire have been assembled in other databases, though some marriage licences do appear among the records.