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Castle Howard Estate Ltd Recommandations du Seigneur Vicomte de Morpeth, Irlande, 1841 [base de données en ligne]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2013. This collection was indexed by Ancestry World Archives Project contributors.
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The 1841 Irish Testimonial to Lord Morpeth. Castle Howard, York, England.

 Recommandations du Seigneur Vicomte de Morpeth, Irlande, 1841

Lorsque George Howard (Seigneur Vicomte de Morpeth) a quitté son poste de Premier Secrétaire d’Irlande, il a reçu un cadeau remarquable : un rouleau de parchemin de 350 mètres contenant les noms et parfois les adresses d’environ 300 000 citoyens irlandais. Les noms venaient de toute l’Irlande et de tous les échelons de la société.

When George Howard (Lord Viscount Morpeth) left his post as Chief Secretary for Ireland, he was presented with a remarkable parting gift for an Englishman: a 420-meter roll of parchment signed by close to 160,000 people. The signers came from all over Ireland and from all levels of society, and some included their address or residence.

The 1841 date of the roll is particularly significant because it predates the beginning of the Great Famine in 1845 and because most 19th-century Irish census records have been destroyed.

Residence location and street information is available on the images for a small percentage of the records. These details have been keyed and can be searched in the Keyword field.

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