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St Peter's Eastern Hill Confirmations de la paroisse de St Peter’s Eastern Hill, Australie, 1872 à 1955 [base de données en ligne]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2014.
Données originales : Confirmation Registers. St. Peter's Eastern Hill, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

 Confirmations de la paroisse de St Peter’s Eastern Hill, Australie, 1872 à 1955

Cette collection collections contient des documents sur les confirmations qui ont pris place à St. Peter’s Eastern Hill. Ces registres contiennent généralement le nom, l’âge et la date de la confirmation.
Historic St. Peter’s Anglican Church has graced the eastern hill above Melbourne since the late 1840s, predating Australia’s gold rush. The building has become a landmark, and the parish has developed a reputation for its choral music. This collection include records of confirmations performed at St. Peter’s Eastern Hill. Records typically include name, age, and confirmation date. Over time, what is now called confirmation in the Anglican Church became a separate rite from baptism, as a bishop needed to perform the confirmations, and bishops could not attend all baptisms. Confirmation now usually comes later in life and affirms one’s commitment to the Christian life represented by baptism. Thus, many of the people named in these registers are teenagers and young adults.