Information sur la source Guide et almanach, Australie, 1886 [base de données en ligne]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2015.
Données originales :

Australian Handbook, 1886. CD-ROM. Ridgehaven, South Australia: Gould Genealogy and History, 2010.

 Guide et almanach, Australie, 1886

Ce guide de 1886 fournit des informations sur le climat, l’éducation, la religion, l’agriculture et la population de l’Australie. Il contient également un Annuaire et un guide des commerces.

In this handbook to Australia, you’ll find details on climate, education, religion, agriculture, population, societies and clubs, parliamentary and official departments, local self-government, telegraphic and postal details, police, banking, shipping, mining and land regulations, newspaper, manufacturers, emigration, as well as naval and military forces. You will also find details of the governors, consuls and ecclesiastical appointments of the time.

The Directory and Business Guide portion of the Handbook is a comprehensive listing of importers, exporters and shippers. For the importers and exporters it lists their name, address and what they trade.

The information in this description comes from the Gould Genealogy and History catalogue.