Information sur la source Listes des employés du service public, Australie-Occidentale, 1871 à 1905 [base de données en ligne]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2015.
Données originales : Western Australia Blue Book Set 1, 1871–1905. CD-ROM. Ridgehaven, South Australia: Gould Genealogy & History, 2009.

 Listes des employés du service public, Australie-Occidentale, 1871 à 1905

Les listes des employés du service public, ou « Blue Books », contiennent les noms des individus qui étaient employés par le gouvernement ou qui ont participé à des activités gouvernementales.

Public service lists, or “Blue Books,” contain names of individuals who were employed by the government or otherwise involved in governmental activities. They include a wide range of employees: civil officers and colony officials, from members of Parliament to gaolers and meteorologists; members of the medical board; law officers, judges, sheriffs, and clerks of the courts; land agents and cattle inspectors; public works employees; ecclesiastical leaders; educational leaders; and even pensioners. If your ancestor had a job in any way connected to the government of Western Australia, the church, or in education, this database will be worth exploring.

Information varies, but you might find the office they held, districts they worked for, and dates they were appointed to office.