Information sur la source French Impressions of Suffolk Life in 1785 [base de données en ligne]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2003.
Données originales : Scarfe, Norman, ed. and trans.. A Frenchman's Year in Suffolk. French Impressions of Suffolk Life in 1784. Suffolk, England: Boydell, 1988.

 French Impressions of Suffolk Life in 1785

This database is a record of the travels and impressions of two young Frenchmen, Francious and Alexandre La Rochefoucauld, of Suffolk. In 1785 they traveled from Bury St Edmunds throughout much of the midland, northern, and western England. It is this journey that is documented among these pages. Topics and subjects covered in this database include Bury St Edmunds, the English way of living, tea-drinking, servants, young people in society, the construction of houses and their layout, husbands and wives, public balls, horse racing, religion, and many others. This database is a great source for learning more about the English way of life in the late eighteenth century and could provide researchers with a great deal of information about the time and place in which their ancestors lived.