Information sur la source Collection de photos de famille, États-Unis, vers 1850 à 2000 [base de données en ligne]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2005.
Données originales : Photos submitted by customers.

 Collection de photos de famille, États-Unis, vers 1850 à 2000

Cette base de données est une collection de photos de famille et ancestrales soumises par les membres. Il s’agit principalement de photos d’individus et de familles. Cette collection contient uniquement des photos prises aux États-Unis et couvrent plusieurs années du milieu 19ème siècle jusqu’à l’année 2000.

This database is a collection of customer-submitted ancestral and relative photos. Photos are primarily of individuals and families. This collection only contains photos taken in the United States and covers a range of years from the mid nineteenth century up to the year 2000. Information provided about the photos includes:

  • Title
  • Notes or comments
  • Locality (which may include city, state, and/or country)
  • Names of people photographed
  • Date of photo

Please remember that all of this information is customer submitted. When exact locations, names of individuals, or dates of photographs were unknown, submitters provided their best estimates and educated guesses of this information. Most of these items (title, locality, names, etc.) can be used to search this collection in the search template above. The photos may also be browsed by first selecting a state followed by a year.

Where to go from here

This collection is a great way to find family photos shared by potential relatives and other researchers. If you find a photo in this database that is of interest to you and a submitter's email address is provided, be sure to contact the submitter, as it is possible you may be related or may have information to share with each other.