Information sur la source Confirmations, Northamptonshire, Angleterre, 1870 à 1911 [base de données en ligne]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2014.
Données originales : Northamptonshire Anglican Parish Registers. Textual records. Northamptonshire Record Office, Northampton, England.

 Confirmations, Northamptonshire, Angleterre, 1870 à 1911

Cette collection contient des images de documents de confirmation de l’Église d’Angleterre pour les années 1870 à 1911 qui proviennent de plusieurs paroisses du Northamptonshire en Angleterre.

This collection contains images of Church of England parish registers of confirmation records from various parishes in Northamptonshire, England. Both the British government and the church had an interest in record keeping, and a 1538 act of Parliament required ministers in the Church of England to record baptisms, marriages, and burials. Confirmations, another church rite, have also been recorded.

Over time, what is now called confirmation in the Church of England became a separate rite from baptism, as a bishop needed to perform the confirmations, and bishops could not attend all baptisms. Confirmation now usually comes later in life and affirms one’s commitment to the Christian life represented by baptism.

About the Records

Confirmation records may include

  • parish
  • county
  • borough
  • name
  • confirmation date
  • age
  • estimated birth year