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Baron, Maryln. Comté de Waterloo, Ontario, Inscriptions au cimetière [base de données en ligne]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 1998.

 Comté de Waterloo, Ontario, Inscriptions au cimetière

Originally settled by Mennonites, the County of Waterloo, located south and west of Toronto in Ontario, contains a number of historically significant communities. This database is a collection of cemetery records from the western part of the county. Containing over 2100 cemetery inscriptions, it provides the name of the deceased, date of birth and date of death. Dates range from as early as 1801 and as late as 1998. The following are the nine cemeteries in this database: (Abandoned) Mission Baptist Church Cemetery (Wilmot Township), Nith Valley Menonite Cemetery (formerly Biehn Mennonite Cemetery, Wilmot Township), Kingswood Amish Mennonite Cemetery (Wellesley Township), New Dundee Cemetery (Wilmot Township), Stauffer Cemetery (Wilmot Township), Wilhelm Cemetery (Wilmot Township), Shantz Mennonite Church Cemetery (Wilmot Township), Rushes Cemetery (Wellesley Township), Fairmount Cemetery (Wilmot Township).